The Haret Tour, Please join me as I interview Taz from The Haret by Denise Daisy

Today we are joined by the gorgeous Felicitas or Taz as she is known in The Haret by Denise Daisy, I have just finished reading all about Felicitas and the rest of the characters, I loved it, You will find my review at the end of this interview.

Hi Taz, Do you mind if I call you Taz?

Not at all, that’s what all my friends call me!

Please do sit down, take a load off, I know we don’t have long as you are still in hiding, so I will try and keep this quick, Would you like something to eat or drink? Don’t want you fainting on me,

You know I do miss the hot apple cider at The Gourmet Mud. I’d love a hot steaming cup of cider if you’re pouring.

I have recently finished The Haret, just want to say Loved it, Denise really had me hooked, When will book 2 be out, do you know? Can’t wait to read what you decide to do. 

Denise just loves to jump through dimensions. Last I heard she was wrapping up some Storyteller’s Secret, in a Moonshine series. She has left me here to wait. At least she left me in the company of a very hot guy. She says she’s coming back for me this fall.

Will we be seeing anymore of your bestie Esther? I would love to know how she gets on with Reed, he sounds such a dream. Maybe a novella perhaps? 

That Esther! What a friend, I miss her. But, knowing her like I do, she will find a  way to get to me. And, I am beginning to think Reed has some secrets of his own! He was the one who knew about the water gate and the missing man story. I think he knows more than he’s letting on.

What is it like living with Raine now

Oh my gosh, he is so hot but I don’t know him that well. Every now and then I will have a flash back to a dream and I get that warm feeling in my stomach like I am going down this huge hill on a roller coaster. He is so manly, so much more mature than the guys at high school, you know, the heart of a warrior, and the calling of a king.

How old are you now? If you don’t mind me asking

I am eighteen in my senior year of high school.

How is your pregnancy going

I don’t feel pregnant other than getting nauseous ever now and then. I’m not showing at all, so I guess everything is okay except for the fact there are people out there who want to kill my baby.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Stealing glances at Raine, when he’s not looking.

I would too, he does sound so scrummy

Or something you really miss from our world? Apart from your family, that is, I know you miss them all.

I do miss my sisters and my mother. My dad however…. I feel sorry for him though.

What would you change about yourself if you could?

My stubbornness.

What is your favourite thing to do in the whole world? Now your in The Haret.

Right now I am stuck in the water world. But my favourite thing to do is go out in the evening and row down the river way with Raine. The fireflies are spectacular and the bullfrogs and crickets serenade us. The people here, the ones Raine referred to as the remnants, they are kind and they all sit out on their porches and sing. It’s really beautiful.

Now we all know that you are Denise’s character but is there something that you would love your writer to write about you?

I hope she writes me courageous, I hope she doesn’t write me depending on Raine but allows me to think for myself.

Is there anything that has been written about you that you wish hadn’t been put on paper? Something embarrassing perhaps?

Yes! My Nocturnal Journal.

What is your favourite item of clothing?

 I love boots! I always found a reason to wear boots.

If you could be anyone in the world, who would you be & why?

I would be my own mother and I would have told me the secret about our past so I wouldn’t be going through what I am now.

So how is life for you now? Without giving away too many spoilers of course, 

It’s scary. I want to drink from this vial so I will remember, (incidentally that is the name of the second book, R3m3mb3r) but the trade-off is tough. I am not ready to forget my life I know now. I am in turmoil wondering what is best to do.

If your story was made into a film, who would you want to play you?

I think Emma Stone as a fiery red head would work, maybe Taylor Swift.

I really enjoyed the world that Denise has created for you all, Is there anything you wish she would have done differently?

 I am so afraid of the time difference. I want to go home but I am terrified at what I will find when I do.

Do you ever see Ian? Or are they keeping him away from you, he was nasty. 

Sigh..Ian. I still have some feelings for him and for the life of me can’t understand why. I can’t believe he was the deceiver. It hurts, it really does.

Optional questions
What is your biggest pet peeve? 
My dad’s hypocrisy. 

All time favourite movie? Or top 3Esther and I just love that old movie, Fried Green Tomatoes. We felt like Izzy and Grace. 

Favourite song or music? Well I used to love to listen to Ian’s band….not anymore. I think I will stick with Mumford and Sons now.

Coffee or Tea or Soda? Fanta Orange Soda…my weakness

Favourite Colour? Yellow

Chocolate or Candy? Sweet tarts!

Pj’s onsies, nightdress or naked? Well…ha ha I am the president of the Purity club at school JI like sleeping in big t shirts…Raine’s big shirts ;)

Well it was fantastic having you here on my blog Taz, I hope to read more about you soon

Thank you, Julie!  It was great to be here, thank you so much for having me!

My Review

Ebook: The Haret

Author: Denise Daisy

Fiction, Paranormal,

This review may contain spoilers

I bought this on Amazon

Summary: Felicitas’ life is thrown into chaos when she begins to have dreams of Raine Zadock. Not only has she never met him, but the intimate night in her dreams shows a positive result on her pregnancy test. She doesn’t dare tell her controlling father, Melvin Rebold, the town’s most prominent Baptist minister or her passive mother Sharon. The only person she can confide in is her grandmother Rosie, however her father forbids her to have anything to do with her, claiming she’s insane and speaks with the dead. But, before Felicitas can confess her secret, she mysteriously vanishes. During the search to find her, news of her pregnancy surfaces along with a cryptic Nocturnal Journal that cast an accusing finger on a secretive stranger.
A week later, she is found wandering the woods but with no memory of where she has been. An angry Detective, her boyfriend and her parents are furious with her and of course do not believe her story of becoming pregnant in a dream.
After her father threatens to send her off to County Mental Health, she runs away to her grandmother’s house, all the while haunted by her father’s continual warnings about the woman. True to her father’s description, Rosie seems a bit eccentric and shares wild mystical tales of dreams and other dimensions. Together Felicitas and her grandmother trace their roots back ten generations and make a disturbing discovery that someone very close to her is not who they seem.

The Review
Wow, I loved the world that the author created, The thought that people could come into and out of our world and to have not aged was mind blowing, we have all read stories of time travel and to be honest, I was expecting this one to be like that, but it wasn't, this was much more complex, The Haret is a place, that not many people know about and time moves very differently there, you could go through the door to the Haret and come back and everyone you know could have aged 50 years or more, I love the storyline, I wouldn't like that to happen to me, but it does make for a great read. 
The action in this book just had me hooked, could you imagine someone you love not being who you thought they were? who do you trust anymore? can you trust anyone? This was how I believe Taz felt, which made this an emotional read for me, she went through so much in such a short time, The characters were perfectly formed, I love Rosie, Taz's grandmother, she stood for what she believes in, there were some funny moments which were brilliant, I love Raine, he seems really nice, but we shall have to wait & see if he stays that way, I really am looking forward to book 2 when it comes, I would highly recommend this book to everyone I know, 5/5

Buy link & where to find the author


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