My review of Delightfully Departed by T.R. Stoddard

Ebook: Delightfully Departed

Author: T.R. Stoddard

Fiction, Paranormal,

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Summary: Ten wasted years, a woman with blood on her hands, and the consequences of actions converge in this short story of undeserved love and opportunities missed.

The Review
I loved this story and could sympathise with Sally, which made this story more real life for me, I know I have listed this as paranormal but only because it contains ghosts or rather it could be just in her head, This story is very well written, I can’t wait to read more from this author, I would highly recommend this for someone after a quick read for your break time, we are in the mind of a lady, Sally, who has just killed her husband, was she psychotic or just a woman on the edge, 4.5/5

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