My review of Before the Moonrise by Dawn Gray

Ebook: Before the Moonrise

Author: Dawn Gray

Fiction, Paranormal,

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Author Lily Reynolds had rarely traveled from her home state, but the opportunity to visit one of America’s “most haunted cities” was not something she could pass up. Despite anxiety issues that plagued her life, Lily and her friend Kylie set off on what they thought would be a two-week vacation, but turn into an adventure beyond her wildest dreams.

Jared Claverack has lived in New Orleans from the time he was born. She was his to protect at all cost, it was a duty he did ferociously. He was content to walk the streets at night, until his blue eyes connected with a pale-skinned woman from the north, and the occupants of the City of the Dead began to creep from out from the shadows.
Was he strong enough to save her, to keep her from the grasp of the evil he knew lurked in the darkness, or would she become just another one of the city’s haunting stories?

The Review

I loved this tale from this author, who is fastly growing to be one of my favourites, This one had me hooked from the start, I loved the character descriptions, very thorough, I really enjoyed the banter between some of the characters, The action kept me up until the wee hours of the night, I would highly recommend this to all my friends and family, I loved the scenic descriptions, made me believe I knew exactly where they were for each scene, even though I have never been to New Orleans. I loved the hero, Jared, *insert big sigh here* He was totally dream worthy, I adored the plotline, Good and evil combine to make a great story, I hope to hear more about the lives of the two main characters and what happened when they returned home to her family, 5/5

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