My review of Soul Mates Bewitched by Elizabeth A. Lance

Ebook: Soul Mates: Bewitched

Author: Elizabeth A. Lance

Fiction, Paranormal,

This review may contain spoilers

I was given this by the author for an honest review

Summary: School is out for Tony Gunari, and now it’s time to grow up, to be what he was meant to be, a Sióga Feiceann. For those in the know, that would be a Fae assassin. After years of hiding what he truly was from his nearest and dearest friends, Tony has decided to discover the whole secret of his legacy and what really happened to his father. And while he’s at it, kick a little Dark Fae butt.
Tony travels to New York, only to discover his family’s secret is even bigger than he could have imagined. The Fae War is in full swing and there is a red-headed she-devil fighting the dark creatures too. Tony is instantly intrigued by the fireball throwing, Irish witch with a sassy attitude. Never in his life could he have imagined such an enticing girl as Jillian O’Neal. Protecting her becomes his number one priority.
Jillian O’Neal is a Sorceress...her tough, sassy attitude sometimes gets her into trouble, but she could never have imagined the trouble meeting someone like Tony Gunari-- a real Sióga Feiceann, was going to cause her. And if rumor had it right, he was something even more important to the world than anyone knew. Her duty, according to her mother, was to protect Tony Gunari at all costs. A difficult task at best, since Tony insists on being involved in everything, and is soon made even more difficult when Jillian realizes she’s fallen for him.
Join Tony, Jillian and Max, together with a band of Guardians, a motley crew of Fae warriors and shifters, as they set off to save the world from the Queen of Air and Darkness and her pursuit of the Chalice of Light. With a bit of Irish luck they may just have a chance to save the world and fall in love…

The Review
I loved the first in this series, I was so looking forward to this one, it really was worth the wait, I have been waiting patiently to hear all about Tony’s life in the Soul Mates Series, I think that the author has hooked me really well with this series, I love all the characters, we have the same in this one as in the first, with a few new ones to add some spice to the mix, I love the way they all interact with each other, the relationships between them all was fantastic, I have fallen in love with the world created by the author, The characters were very well described, the action scenes were well thought out, I could actually see them in my head as a film, which to me is a great book, I laughed as there were plenty of funny scenes, I would love to see this series made into a film, it has everything going for it, 5/5
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