Interview with Zander & Zeph and Review of Digitus 233 by K.D. Emerson

Joining us today are two gorgeous young guys, who in my mind, could take over the world, Please welcome Zander & Zeph from K.D Emerson’s book Digitus 233 from the Digitus Series, Thank you for joining us today guys, I hope you have fun today.

I have read your first book and I have to say OMG, I really hope that never happens or rather that it isn’t happening right now.

Zander: Hi, it’s me, Zander Miller. I can understand why you would be concerned about mind control. And I wish i could tell you it’s not happening in the world today, but from what Zeph and I have learned there is a lot of mind control going on and people don’t even know about it.

Would either of you like a drink? I have a fully stocked fridge and plenty of hot drinks available if that is what you would prefer.

Zeph: Heck yeah! Bring it on.
Zander: Do you always have to act like a knucklehead?
Zeph: Hey, she asked.

The question I am dying to know is are you like every family I know, do you argue or do you get on?
Zander: Uhh yeah, I guess our last outburst already answered that for you. We might come from a long line of millionaires, but we pretty much act like every other human when it comes to daily life.

So Zander are you happy with how your creator has put you on paper?

Zander: No, there were times I looked like a whiny kid.
Zeph: That’s cuz you ARE a whiny kid.

How about you Zeph?
Zeph: Yes, but only after I smacked her over the head. She tried to write me all serious and like a nerd. I told her we needed more Indie Stuff. Then when she didn’t know what that was I explained “more stuff like Indiana Jones”. That’s when things really got cookin’.

Zander, what would you have changed, if anything?
Zander: She could have left out the part where I was almost bawling after getting ripped up by the polar bear. I mean, who wants to know that the leading man feels like crying?
Personally, that was one thing I liked the most. I enjoyed knowing you had real feelings, but forced yourself to go on.

Will we be seeing more of you?
Zeph: Oh yeah, the story is far from over. If you think this one was intense, wait until you read the others.

Do you know when it will be out?
Zander: That’s up to K.D. Emerson. She is not only an author, but she owns a publishing house and a book promotion company.
Zeph: Don’t listen to him. Crazy Dude and I we’ll keep her on course and the second book should be out by fall of 2013.

Who would you want to play you in a movie?
Zeph: Hmm, I’d have to say me.
Zander: Has anyone ever told you that you are a jerk?
Zeph: A time or two.
Zander: If you ask me, Bozo the Clown would be the best choice to play Zeph.

How old are you both now? If you don’t mind me asking?
Zander: That’s one thing about males, we don’t mind so much telling our ages. I’m nineteen and Zeph just turned sixteen.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?
Zander and Zeph: No comment.

What would you change about yourselves, if you could?
Zeph: I’d like to be taller and smarter.
Zander: I think she wanted something a little more meaningful.
Zeph: Well I don’t hear you piping up with anything.
Zander: I’ waiting my turn.
Zeph: Alright, I wish I could be braver and not let fear get the better of me. Sometimes when people ask me a question and I know the true answer will get me in trouble I end up lying. I wish I was brave enough to always speak the truth.
Zander: I wish I had learned long ago that I am no better than anyone else. I was raised to believe I was somehow more valuable than the guy across the street. I know that is the attitude that turned the wheel of the Nazi movement long ago and then again the Digitus movement in our books. I still fall into that belief, but I am trying to change it on a daily basis.

What is your favourite thing to do in the whole world?
Both: Sailing!
Zander: There’s nothing like being out on the open sea spraying in your face and the wind whipping you along.

Do you use a computer?  What would we find on your hard drive?
Zeph clears his throat.
Zander: That’s something we can’t tell you or you might end up dead.

What is your favourite item of clothing?
Zander: My torn up Digitus jacket. It reminds me of my team pulling together and how the little guys can win.
Zeph: Yeah, it’s not about how big or strong or smart one person is, it’s about joining forces and standing together.

If you could be anyone in the world, who would you be & why?
Zander: I’d be Zeph.
Zeph: I’d be Zander.

So how is life for you now? Without giving away too many spoilers of course.
Zeph: Unfortunately we are followed pretty closely and have to be careful of what we say to others. We don’t want to endanger anyone else’s life.
Zander: Zeph is right. Many people we were close to have died or have been tortured. We wouldn’t want that to happen to you.

How is Crazy Dude? Do you still see him?
Zeph: Are you kidding? That monkey will be the death of me yet. Every time I turn around he’s up to something. I have to admit I like his style though. He really knows how to fling a banana. Wait until you see what he does in book two.

I love the world that K.D. wrote for you but it was also very frightening. Did you enjoy being in the book or would you have preferred something more sedate?
Zander: As frightening as the world in Digitus 233 is I am glad to be a part of it. I learned the true meaning of freedom which is something I used to take for granted. I also learned humans can be manipulated very easily and we each need to pay close attention to what is happening in the world around us.
Zeph: Julie, if you think the world is dangerous in book one, you might want to hire a body guard while you read book two.

Do you see any other characters from the book? How are they doing now?
Zander: All we can say at this time is the last time we saw Google, Jackson and Quinton they were all alive.
Zeph: We don’t know for sure about River. I fear the worst.

Well it was fantastic having you here on my blog guys, I hope to see more of you very soon.
Zander: Thank you, Julie!  It was great to be here.
Zeph: Yeah, thanks for having us!

You are very welcome and come back anytime.

Ebook: Digitus 233
Author: K.D. Emerson
Genre: Action/Adventure/Fringe Science/Thriller
Publisher: MasterKoda Select Publishing (MKSP)
Pages 233
This review may contain spoilers
I was given this by the author for an honest review
Summary: When Zeph, the adventurous son of a millionaire hid in the cargo hold of the Learjet carrying his brother Zander to camp he had no idea there was anything dark or ominous going on. That was until he watched Zander ejected from the plane onto a barren arctic island and Zeph, trapped in the cargo hold, found himself headed for South America. Will he be able to expose the truth behind Digitus, the world’s dominant corporation or will they succeed in their sinister plan to control his brother and destroy the world?
The Review
I really enjoyed this book, it made me think way to hard about the world we live in, not in a bad way but trying to imagine a world like theirs here, I got slightly creeped out, my mind wandered way to much, I meet people everyday that could easily be a part of this book, I am just saying what if this was happening as we speak, Would that worry you? Yep it did me too. I just want to say I love the main characters in this book, Zander & Zeph, not forgetting Crazy Dude, I thought Jackson was brilliant and I would want him as my back up man, He was a very integral part to this book for me, The brawn amongst the brains if you like, after all he saves a group of them in the beginning a hero in my book, The characters were well written, I felt I stood watching them while they were going through everything, wishing I could help them, The plot was brilliant like I said, it really made you think, I can’t wait to read book 2, when it comes out, I hope we see all the same characters, as they were all brilliant, I would highly recommend this to all ages, infact I have put it on my daughters kindle as I believe she will love this. 5/5 

K.D. Emerson was born (or is that hatched) several years ago. We won’t go into how long it has been because she has this fantasy that she is still a teenager off to conquer the world. Her first novel was written in pencil, stapled together and placed in the school library. At age 6, she didn’t have a clue an author needed a publisher. She has a passion for the written word and assisting other writers in becoming the best they can be. She also loves to promote others and cheer them on to victory.

Buy Links & Where to find the author

Goodreads (K.D. is new to Goodreads, so Please be patient while she figures it out)


  1. Great interview! I enjoyed hearing from the guys again. Digitus is definitely a scary, gotta think about it but don't want to, book. Can't wait for the sequel.

    1. Thanks Lynn! As scary as it is to think of a world like the one in Digitus, I think it's important for us to see how easy it would be to fall prey to it. Thanks for the kudos on book one. I am working hard one book two, so it should be out before too long :)

  2. Thanks for hosting Zander and Zeph on your blog today Julie! They are quite smitten with you. :)


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