Cover Reveal and interview with Talia from Talented by Sophie Davis

EEEEEEeeeeepppp, Today we have the beautiful Talia from the awesome Talented Series by Sophie Davis, but first, Here are Sophie's new Covers for the Saga, Aren't these beautiful?

Today we are joined by the lovely Natalia or Talia as she likes to be called from Sophie Davis’s book Talented, which I have just finished and loved by the way, You will find my review at the end of this interview.

Hi Talia, Please sit down, take a load off, would you like this purple cushion behind me? I know you like purple & it is so soft and comfortable.

Hahaha, I do like purple.  Thanks for having me, Julie!

Thank you for joining me today, I know you are super busy, It is so nice to finally meet you, I have just read some of your life story and I loved it Talia, Can’t wait to read the rest of it in book 2 Caged & book 3 Hunted. I love the new covers, You look beautiful.

Thankyou I Love them, Things get pretty interesting in Caged and Hunted.  A lot of surprises.

Would you care for a chocolate? I bought some Belgium choices just for you to munch on, while we talk.
Thank you, I don’t get a lot of opportunity to eat sweets these days, so I would love one.
Right then, shall we start, are you comfortable enough?

I am!

I just have to say, I am so Sorry you suffered while you were young, it must have been so traumatic to watch your parents get killed, I cried when I read that bit in the book, Will you ever get your revenge on Crane for what he did?

I will/do get justice for my parents.  I don’t want to give too much away, but in the end the man who murdered my parents does pay for what he did.

I am Sorry how bad a host am I? *smacks head with palm* Would you like a drink?

Oh, that’s okay, just the chocolate is great!

Will we be seeing anymore of you? Are there due to be any more in the series? Maybe some novella’s?

You will be seeing a lot more of me in Caged, Hunted, and the final book of my life Created.  I also heard a rumor that some of my, er more personal, dealings with a certain someone special in my life are about to be published as a novella.  I think it might be called Captivated.

What is your favourite power? I love how you centre your senses while jogging, as well as the mind control, Have you ever just used it for fun?

I do use them for fun sometimes  Although, they are so second nature that I frequently use them without knowing.  Every so often, I just use them to annoy those around me!
My favorite power is probably controlling the weather.  It is not one that I am very good at, and often do it without meaning to.  I think you get to see a little more of this one in one of the later books.

So what was it really like living with 2 men? Erik & Henri, Yummy, but smelly I imagine,

It is…interesting living with two guys.  I wouldn’t recommend it.  But it can be fun sometimes, they are pretty clean, for boys.

How old are you now? If you don’t mind me asking?

Now, I am nineteen.  The books take place over approximately three years, and when Created ends I am 19.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Hmmm, that’s a tough one.  Over the past couple years, I haven’t had much of chance to indulge in guilty pleasures, but now that my life has calmed down a bit I spend a lot of time doing things like painting my nails – purple, of course – reading, and swimming in the ocean with a very special someone.

What would you change about yourself if you could?

I think I would change how small I am.  Even a couple extra inches would make me happy!

I know the feeling, I am 5ft, I would love a couple of extra inches.

What is your favourite thing to do in the whole world?

Sitting on the cliffs outside my current house and looking out at the ocean.

Do you use a computer, Have you managed to work out any of the techie stuff they gave you? What would we find on your hard drive?

These days I don’t use a computer very often.  Occasionally I use one to keep in contact with a special man in my life who lives on the other side of the country.  The only thing you might find on my hard drive are a lot of pictures of me and my friends, and our new life.

Now we all know that you are Sophie’s character but is there something that you would love your writer to write about you? An action perhaps or Love scene,

Hmm, well I would love for Sophie to write an ending that does my love life justice.  It’s hard to put into words how much my boyfriend did for me, and I hope she gets our story right!

Is there anything that has been written about you that you wish hadn’t been put on paper? Something embarrassing perhaps?

That one is easy, I wouldn’t mind if some of the more personal details of my love life hadn’t made it into the final manuscripts!  But the story might be a little boring without them.

What is your favourite item of clothing?

These days my favorite piece of clothing is a bathing suit.  But in general, I’d say my jeans are the greatest article of clothing I own!

If you could be anyone in the world, who would you be & why?

I would be a teacher.  I really want to help other children learn to use their powers without injuring themselves or others.

So how is life for you now? Without giving away too many spoilers of course,
Will you & Donovan ever be friends? I can’t believe he did that to you,

Now, my life is pretty good.  Things are finally getting better and I have a lot of good people around me who are helping to rebuild my life.  Donavon and I are … well it’s complicated.  But let’s just say I don’t hate him.  A lot has happened, and I think I at least understand him a little better these days.

Have you spoken to Gretchen? You were the daughter she never had, is she upset with Donovan over what he did?

I have spoken to Gretchen.  I actually speak to her a couple of times a week now.  I think she is disappointed about what happened between Donavon and me, but she is happy with the way my life turned out.

Did you love Erik? Do you still? You seem to have quite a connection, I hope you are soul mates, he did seem like the perfect partner.

I did love Erik.  And I definitely still do.  I don’t want to give too much away, but we do share a connection and it has helped me get through a lot these past couple of years.

Are you happy being a hunter or do you think you would have preferred to be an interrogator after all, like all the others that are talented the same as you?

I liked being a Hunter.  Interrogation is not really my thing, but I will give a little away and say that in the end, I am neither!

You are a very rare person, even for a talented, Do you think you would have felt happier as a normal person?

I used to think so, but now I am pretty happy being me.

I really enjoyed the world that Sophie has created for you, Is there anything you wish she would have done differently?

I wish there had more about my life from when my parents were alive.

Optional questions

What is your biggest pet peeve?  Liars

All time favourite movie? Or top 3?  I don’t watch many movies!

Favourite song or music?  Don’t really listen to music either!

Coffee or Tea or Soda?  Definitely coffee

Favourite Colour? If purple was not available, Turquoise 

Chocolate or Candy?  Chocolate

Pj’s onsies, nightdress or naked?  PJs

Well it was fantastic having you here on my blog Talia
Thank you, Julie!  It was great to be here, thank you so much for having me!

Now onto my review

Ebook: Talented
Author: Sophie Davis
Fiction, Paranormal,
This review may contain spoilers
Summary: When Talia Lyons was just a child, her parents were murdered before her eyes. Offered a choice between accepting their fate and exacting revenge, Talia trains to become one of the country’s deadliest assassins in order to kill the man responsible for their deaths: Ian Crane. Luckily, Talia was born with a gift- the ability to read and influence the minds of others. At sixteen, Talia is poised to graduate from the McDonough School for the Talented, where she learned to control her abilities. Now there is only one obstacle standing between her and the retribution she craves... Talia herself.
Her greatest asset may also be her undoing; while a formidable weapon in the field, Talia’s talents prevent her from both shutting off the mental connection she shares with her questionable boyfriend and blocking out the thoughts of a beguiling fellow recruit. But Talia can’t afford to have the feelings and distractions of a normal teenage girl, when her life is far from normal.
She must regain the single-minded determination that has brought her this far, or it may cost Talia her life when she finally faces Crane. And even after being molded in to a weapon of war, she’ll still have to find the strength it takes to pull the trigger.
If James Bond and Sookie Stackhouse had a love child with a yearning for vengeance, her story would be TALENTED: an adventure about powerful teenagers who aren’t afraid to embrace their fears and fight for what they believe in.

The Review
How have I not read this series, bad bad reviewer, I loved this book, Book 2 & 3 are both firmly ensconced in my TBR list, Talia is such a great character, I really believed I was going through everything with her, she was so kick ass when she needed to be, but she had a soft side that really touched my heart, this book has an amazing plot line, different from anything else I have read, it will keep you on the edge of your seat, The characters are well written, full of character, there were others in the book that to me really brought the book together as a whole, I love Talia’s room mates, the fact that she has 2 males she is living with really made this book super funny in places, I would recommend this to everyone, it will have you laughing in so many places, I even cried in a couple of places, this was so well written, I felt Talia’s pain, 5/5

Buy link & where to find the author


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