My review of Sin Incarnate by T.C. Archer

Ebook: Sin Incarnate

Author:  T. C. Archer

Fiction, Paranormal,

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Summary: Forged in the fires of hell beauty becomes sin incarnate.
Something malevolent grows in Lorna. When she conjures a dark lord and begs for irresistible beauty, he makes one demand; serve him as an underworld female who tests mortal men. Now a millennia later, this is her last chance to find a man who can free her. But Lorna must learn to love if she's to save herself. Yet that won't save the two men who shared her body. One of them must be sacrificed.

The Review
Whoooo, This is a hot one, now a lot of erotica sometimes lose sight of the storyline, but this one just kept up with the storyline nicely, I really enjoyed the storyline, The main character Lorna truly had the best of both worlds, I am glad that everything turned out well for them all in the end, The author’s descriptions of both the characters and the places were very good, Would recommend to all after a sexy read with a paranormal twist, 4.5/5

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