My review of The Courtesan's Diary - Lessons Learned by Ellie Channing

Ebook: The Courtesan’s Diary – Lessons Learned

Author: Ellie Channings

Fiction, Erotica

This review may contain spoilers

Summary: Miss Calico Creighton loved her life. And in the summer of 1817, for a beautiful, young, unmarried woman living in London, that was saying a lot. Callie’s chosen profession, Courtesan, was not a hard choice to make, not for Callie. To have her own home, a staff, food on her table, meant everything to Callie, and when her first protector returns to America, Callie sets her sights upon the handsome Lord Robert Conley, Duke of Averly. Robert is everything Callie could ask for, generous, loving and demanding. While under his protection, Callie learns there is much more to the Courtesan business than just being young, and beautiful. She must learn to bite her tongue and submit herself to Roberts every desire… A Courtesan’s work is never done, but the benefits are deliciously divine…

The Review I love the journey the author took us on with this one, this one was based on a diary written by Miss Calico, she was a courtesan who was under the protection of Charles until he went away, In other words, she was a high price call girl, I loved the life Callie had, it was so full, she never wanted for anything, she was well looked after & she got to learn the art of sex, what better life is there? When Callie loses Charles, she must have another protector, it is better for a courtesan to have one, This is when she sets her sights on Averly at a party, Oh my!!! That was some party, Averly chooses Callie, much to her relief, he has lessons she must learn to be the ideal courtesan, She takes every lesson he gives her, I loved the lessons, the author made me feel like I was a voyeur while reading this, I felt like I was in each room with them, I really liked that about this book, it was really explicit in a lot of the chapters in this book, So definitely over 18’s only, The characters were well developed in this book, I would love to read more about Callie, to see who was her next protector and whether or not, she ever ended up marrying anyone, I would definitely recommend this to all after a fantastic read, great for those who like historicals, Don’t worry if you don’t like historicals, you will still love this, 5/5

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