My review of Clarity & Reason by Rue Volley

Ebook: Clarity & Reason

Author: Rue Volley

Fiction, Paranormal,

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I was given this by the author for an honest review

Summary: Rue has tasted happiness, felt its warm embrace and had the wind knocked out of her as she faced a tragedy almost to heavy to bear. In the fourth instalment of the Blood & Light Vampire Series we re-join these vampires as they struggle with everyday trials and new situations that will shock and delight you.

The Review
I have loved every one of the Blood & Light Series, It is my favourite series of 2012, This is a fantastic addition to the series, I have loved Josh since the beginning, This one just makes me love him even more, He is the perfect yang to Rue’s Ying, The author has written this very much the same as the other's in the series, it just rolls along perfectly, I love all the characters, very well written with each one having their own issues, There are so many complex characters in this book, The author has me so hooked, it is unreal, I fantasize about being Rue and having Josh follow my every move, I am so looking forward to the next in the series, Highly recommend the whole series to everyone, You will not be disappointed, 5/5   

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