My review of Bound in Love by Elizabeth A Lance

Ebook: Bound in Love

Author: Elizabeth A Lance

Fiction, Paranormal,

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Summary: The Goddess of Love has been challenged by her son, Eros, to create lasting love without using Cupid’s arrows. Aphrodite relies on her knowledge of the old ways to bring two halves of one soul together, creating Soul Mates…


Annabel Grayson has felt a connection to Drake Stone, her favorite Dj, since he first started on her local radio station. Every man she meets is compared to him and left wanting. The problem? They’ve never even met. When Annabel hears that Drake will be participating in a Bachelor Auction, Annabel can’t resist going and finally finding out if what she feels is real…


Drake Stone is tired of dating the latest shallow pop stars and fly by night actresses. He wants a real relationship. When his sister enters him in a Bachelor Auction for Save the Music, he reluctantly agrees. Then he sees her, a beautiful blonde, and they share a connection. He is elated when she makes the winning bid. Then things seem to go awry when the latest ingénue demands to make the winning bid, and the blonde disappears. Now Drake must decide to continue on with his current lifestyle or chase after what could be the greatest love of his life.

The Review
I love a good romance and this is that, the fact that it has Greek mythology in it is a bonus for me, I have read quite a few books in recent months with Greek mythology in them, I just seem to be on that kick at the moment, anyway, I will be sticking this one in my Books that I love on my kindle, it was an awesome read, I love that we mingled between past & present, I think the author got the story spot on for me, it was pure brilliance, I adored Drake & Annabel, a true love story, the character descriptions were well written, the plot was fantastic, I would love to know if the Goddess of Love has any other bets with family, Highly recommended for all romance lovers who love a twist to the story, Love always conquers all, 5/5

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