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Winged Warriors


This will be a series of books based around the lives of the winged warriors and the relationships they make along the way, they will also contain some action, each book will be brought out with a maximum of 3 months between them, as don’t want people to have to wait too long for each added book, but I want to write at least two books before I send anything to a publisher, that way I have time to get the next one done before the time is up, not sure on length yet, will write and keep going until I am happy with the size, not sure how many there will be yet, but when I do work it out, I will write it down here, when the series has more than 6 books, I will then hopefully pitch it to something like NETFLIX as a TV show or possibly a series of films, I can only hope, I could easily extend the world of the winged warrior as mermaids and merman who inhabit the island also have relationship problems and meet humans who they fall in love with, The winged ones first, as a series, then the merpeople, Although that will be a different series and title, but will be connected but only by maybe a character or two, Hopefully that way, my mind map will not be too full, there are bad guys in these stories, the winged warriors have to help people who through no fault of their own, have now become a target  from vampires, most of whom have been around for a long time on earth, unfortunately a bad element formed by new vampires have decided that they must take over the world and start a new one where all humans are food or slaves, regardless of the vampire code that was put in place, they believe that all humans are basically food or slaves, The warriors have to do what they can to help the human race and the older generations of vampires who are really not that bad, they drink synthetic blood, which was invented by a human and live in the world as normal people, only coming out at night, some actually live with humans as couples, the oldest vampire Alessandro, is over 1500 years old, he lives with the love of his life, Bronwen, who has been with him for the last 700 years, which was when he changed her, with her consent I might add, so they could be together forever and ever.

Book 1

Zachariah (Zach) – Father & Elizabella (Bell) - Mother
The father of the winged warriors, lives in the clouds on the island he made for his boys and his only girl, he has a love of his life, Elizabella, this will be the story of how they met, there are unicorns and mermen and mermaids on the island, which he helps out as they are all mythical, the houses are colonial looking, white, although one has a colourful house, he has found each of his children and brought them to his home land, to help bring peace to the world,
The mother of the winged warriors, she caters to all her boys, make sure they are fed, tries to interfere in their relationships, she wants the best for her boys,

Book 2

Benedict & Molly 
This is the story of the original first Angel who was taken after death in the real world, he tells us his story and how he became an angel and his first impression of Angel world and Zach and Bell, he also meets Molly in this story and what happened between them, a love story to start us of right

Book 3

Ezra – Tempest
This story will be the relationship between Ezra and Tempest, Ezra is a twin to Elijah, which they use to their advantage, Both were in a car accident, which killed them, that’s how they ended up with Zac, Tempest is an environmentalist who believes that humans have the power to change the world, She is a huge do-gooder which is a novelty to Ezra, he was all about pumping iron and looking pretty for girls, not the environment, but will things stay the same between them when she knows the truth about him. Elijah is gay but has not told anyone about himself, but that is another book.  

Book 4

Elijah – Sebastian
He always pretended to date, even double dated with his brother, but now he is an angel, things cannot stay hidden forever, it all comes out, it surprises his brother but they don't fall out over it, although Caleb has a few issues with it, but then he is the bad boy and believes that men are men, but he soon comes around, 
Judiah – Grace
Benedict – Sophia
Caleb - Daniella
Maximillion – Skylar

Novella Book 7 
In this book we will have the back story of the world around the warriors and how they became what they are today, (it will be explained for each character in their particular book) but in this one, will be the whole story of their lives and how they were changed into what they are today. Of course we will meet the vampires, particularly Alessandro and his beloved Bronwen, Zac is as old as Alessandro infact they are good friends and have frequent poker nights, possibly some bad vamps too, the vamps could have their own story but again this series is about the warriors, all other books in the series will be about the trials and tribulations of each warrior and the trouble they have finding their mate, I am unsure whether to make this a YA or to just go the whole hog and have full on sex in the books, I am thinking Erotica, maybe the best option. My initial idea was to make the first three or four books YA, then turning it into erotica, maybe subtly as I want a few generations to read this series, but back to this episode, Zac meets Elizabella, they become the mother and father of all warriors around the globe, we meet a few of the warriors and show how they were made into warriors.

Book One


Benedict & Molly

This is my story, I am called Benedict and I am an Angel, I have been around for 452 years, this is my story.
So my story begins the day I starved to death in 1565, it doesn’t sound a great death and it definitely wasn’t, but it was nice to be out of that life, the daily drudge trying to find food, finally killed me, or at least not eating it. I didn’t have a home, my parents abandoned me at a young age, they couldn’t afford to keep me, if we had anything other than bread we were very lucky indeed, I had lived on the streets from the time I was six, my parents believed I stood a better chance at life, living without them, I suppose I did do well, I lived a long life, I think, it was hard to tell but I believe I was around 26, it was difficult to figure out as I didn’t celebrate my birthday, to be fair I don’t think anyone did back then.

My new life began as soon as my old one ended, I awoke on what looked like an island, there were trees and grass and not much else, there were no homes, of any kind, I panicked, where on earth could I be? I walked for what felt like days and was probably only a few hours, all I could find was a cave, This is where I met a man who introduced himself as Zachariah, (who I now call pops) So I was a little apprehensive about walking up to him, do you blame me, but he came out of the cave and welcomed me with open arms, he invited me inside, who was I to argue he had a nice warm fire and I could smell food he had obviously been cooking, even though I was dead, I was still hungry, I remember it so well as though it was yesterday, it wasn’t of course, it was actually just over 400 years ago, I remember walking up to him, I started to introduce myself, this is when he tells me, “Well actually young man your name is now Benedict and you are an angel” yeah OK, that sounded real, but then he turns around to walk back into the cave, hanging off his back are a pair of wings, white with hints of azure blue, probably around 3 feet long, he opens them up and shakes them off and then they fold back up on his back, very strange but I believe anything he tells me, come on he had food, what more is there to life.

I settled down on the floor, Zachariah hands me what looks like a loaf of bread, a bowl of stew with meat and vegetables, I don’t remember the last time I had meat and vegetables, so I dive straight in, it tastes good, I have no idea what is in the stew and I really don’t care, it is filling me up which is what I desperately need, Zachariah sits down across from me and starts explaining the life and what I can come to expect, it seems he has been here for most of his undead life, at least 600 years, he has a wife who I now call mum, she is called Elizabella, they live in this cave together, they met 316 years ago, when he was on a mission, which he said he will explain at a later date, I need to settle in first and meet Elizabella apparently she had popped out but I had been all over that island, unless she was following me around, I am sure I would have seen her, Pop explained that we were up in the clouds and Elizabella had popped home to visit with some friends, that turned out to be vampires, yeah that was another thing I knew nothing about, who on earth knew vampires existed? but apparently they did and mum and pop were friends with them, seems odd, but there you go, they are my friends now too, but I will tell you more about Alessandro & Bronwen later.

I finished my stew and listened to what pop was telling me, I would get my wings in the next week as they had to grow, now it all depended on what colour they were, (because yes they came in different colours)which would decide on what my powers would be, pops powers were to be able to read minds, that was how he found out about the vampires, so having powers could be cool, I grew to love mine in the end, there is a funny story on when I learnt what I could do, which I will tell you about further in my story.

Mum came into the cave carrying bread and meat and some root vegetables, she jumped back startled, obviously she wasn’t expecting me to be there, you have to remember back then we didn’t have phones, blimey letters took weeks to arrive, unless you wanted to pay the earth, which most people didn’t have, Pop introduced me and she gave me a huge hug to welcome me to the family, she explained how she was still human, she just didn’t age, once you found your one true love, you lived with them, as long as you kissed them at least once a week, you stayed the same age, so you could be with your loved one forever, which is pretty cool, not sure why it was once a week, if I found my true love I would have to kiss her every day, pops explained while hugging mum that it's a week because when you are on a mission, sometimes they can last a week and would you really want to take your girl with you, what if she got into trouble, up here she would be safe.

We settled down for the night, there were blankets, that were scratchy, but we didn’t really need them to wrap up in, but I won’t lie they were good to lay on, it was a warm night, I remember feeling loved, I hadn’t felt like that since my parents left me on the street on the other side of town, all those years ago, I fell asleep wondering if they ever missed me.

I woke up with such a pain in my back, pops explained that it was the wings starting to come through, it hurt like hell, could I say hell? why yes I could, trust me I have said a lot worse since I becoming an angel, mum told me to take my shirt off, she had an old rag which she dipped into the pot over the fire, then preceded to dab the cloth over my wings, it seemed to ease it a little, I asked what it was, she explained it was a poultice, a friend had mentioned to her about a hundred years ago, that it would ease the pain, I thanked her, it was so much nicer even if it stunk, pops tried to take my mind off of it, by telling me about the life up there and all his friends from around the world, I thought it was a little weird that he had friends all over the world, just visiting someone could take weeks, as travel was only by boat, there was no one else up there, he explained we were not the only cloud up there, it just meant we had to travel to another cloud, so we were not the only ones here after all.

I really was confused but pops tried his hardest to help me, over time I grew to understand the rules, my father and I spent time building his home and I stayed there, while we built the open fire area with built in benches and tables made from oak, the fire was round in shape made of stone, with a grill on top for food and boiling water for Bells favourite tipple tea, which dad said would be where we could join together and enjoy quality time together, we then spent time building my own home, during this time I noticed I never aged which was weird, we built my house on the opposite side to my parents, with the open fire in the middle, it was wonderful, it took us a few years to build it all up, as obviously tools were an issue, as we were practically in the dark ages, but time passed and we got to use tools, which helped enormously as initially dads house was built with mud and leaves


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